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Austin Pardee

Massage Therapist



                                Rates                                 1 Hour Package Rates

                                            $70- 1 Hour Massage                                                                    5 Sessions- $325

                                            $100- 90 Min MAssage                                                                  10 sessions- $600

                                            $125- 2 Hour Massage

                                            $30- Reflexology (add on)

Swedish Massage

Experience relaxation at its best. Consist of long, smooth, gliding strokes with gently yet firm kneading techniques.

Deep Tissue massage

Deep, Invigorating strokes that concentrate on specific areas of muscle tension and soreness due to strain or overwork.

Pregnancy massage

Gentle and relaxing massage will reduce stress, increase blood flow and target sore muscle areas associated with pregnancy.

Reflexology (add on service)

Zone therapy with pressure point massage to the feet bringing the body back in balance. 

Make Massages A Regular Part of Your Well-Being Routine!