Cedar Wood Sauna

One Sauna located in each, men and women's locker room 

Health Benefits: 

Relieves Pain: In sore joints and tired muscles, it expands blood vessels to stimulate/enhance circulation 
Weight Control: Helps to get rid of salts and fat by purifying the body through sweating 
Detox: Our body gets rid of unhealthy toxins by perspiration
Reduces Stress: Great way to rid yourself of stress a natural way through sweating, relaxing and loosing the muscles

-Great way to end a long Workout-

Stand-Up Tanning Bed

Tanning packages include:

$5 per visit

$30 unlimited tanning membership

$25 A month for a six month special


Tanning is open 24-hours a day with our coin system. Sessions last only 10 minutes.

Group Fitness Room 

There is a class for you! With over 160 different classes held monthly. You are sure to find the one that fits your needs. A certified Group Fitness Instructor will guide you through your whole workout, from start to finish! 

Classes range from toning and tightening the body to cardio and fat burning. Classes start from beginners level all the way to advanced. The instructor will Provide modified workouts for each level.  For more Information about class times and schedules see the Events & Promo tab.