Ultimate Fitness Class Schedule

-Our class schedule is diversified & flexible to fit most schedules- 

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 Alternating Class Schedule


8:30 Insanity/Heat - Clayton

(Heat) 5th,19th

(Insanity) 12th 26th



Saturday Schedule


July 6th

8:30 Cycle-Lynn

9:35 Yoga-Marilyn

10:45 Zumba-Lisa

July 13th

8:30 Barre- Lynn

9:35 Yoga- Marilyn

10:45 Mixxedfit-Jennifer

July 20th

8:30 Cycle-Lauren

9:35 Yoga-Marilyn

10:45 Zumba-Lisa

July 27th

8:30 Cycle- Lauren

9:35 Yoga Lauren

10:45 Mixxedfit -Jennifer














Group Fitness Class Descriptions


This Class is based on the principles of joseph pilates and will train not only your core but your entire body. Low inpact exercises flow gently together to develop overall strength and flexibility.


yoga poses are linked together in a flowing series to build stamina, STRENGTH, balance, flexibility and breathe awareness. This vinyasa- style yoga class is intended to be challenging, but it is suitable for the beginning to intermediate student- modifications are OFFERED for all levels. class starts with a warm-up, moves on to build heat, STRENGTH, and balance, then focuses on increasing flexibility and range of motion. An ideal ROUTINE and crosstraining for the overlooked, imbalanced, tight muscles of desk-workers, runners, golfers, weight-lifters, and cyclists! Class is set to a background of varied music and ends with a rejuvenating relaxation period.

Totally Defined

this STRENGTH training class works all major muscle groups using a variety of equipment (dumbbells, bands, balls, bosu trainers, etc.) modifications are provided for all fitness levels.

Ultimate Cycle

Come on this indoor ride up and down hills and through drills guaranteed to burn lots of calories and make you sweat! If you're new to cycling, Please come early so the instructor can set you up properly on the bike.

Total Body Conditioning

intervals of various cardio exercises (step, cycle, calisthenics, etc.) combine with strength training exercises using a variety of equipment (dumbbells, bosu, balls, etc.) to give you a total body workout! this class is designed to accommodate all fitness levels.


high intensity interval training- this is a non-stop, powerhouse workout that is guaranteed to burn calories and get your heart pumping. H.i.i.t will include cardio intervals using the step, bosu, and floor drills. 60 minutes of pure cardio fun! 


A body energizing, cardio dance class where latin rhythms and other international world flavors create an easy to follow, fun atmosphere. this class is packed with energy and the latest moves including salsa, hip hop, cumbia and more! 

Prime Time

prime time is designed to improve strength, coordination and flexibility in aging adults along with cardiovascular health improvements in a fun group setting!


high intensity workout that will guarantee you to stay in the ultimate fat burning zone raising your resting metabolism up to 24 hours post exercise. our beachbody certified group fit instructor will take you through a full workout with a warm up and cool down. the best thing about doing this live is that your INSTRUCTOR will give you modifications of each exercise so you take the level that suites you best. 


resistance. interval. power. plyometrics. ENDURANCE. diet. this "one stop body shock" program is designed to help you attain and maintain your physique in ways that are fun, safe, doable and extremely effective.



This is an athletic based full body workout, designed to give you a maximum calorie burn, improve cardiovascular endurance, enhance muscle endurance and performance and help you redefine your body



Focuses on isometric strength training (holding your body still while you contract a specific set of muscles) combined with high reps of small range-of-motion movements.